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Palestinian Flag - Large

Palestinian Flag - Large

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The Palestinian Flag in its large version, a powerful symbol of solidarity and support for the Palestinian people. This flag, with its vibrant colors and distinctive design, is more than just an accessory; it's a statement of principles, a constant reminder of the struggle for justice and freedom. Display it in your home, workplace, or event to express your commitment to the Palestinian cause and your support for their right to self-determination.


100% polyester (to prevent wrinkles and shrinking)
Knitted fabric
Durable material
2 eyelets

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Symbol of Solidarity 🇵🇸

Palestine, a land of history and struggle, has been a symbol of resilience and perseverance throughout the centuries. At Bislamic, we take pride in offering you the Palestinian Flag - Large, a powerful emblem of solidarity and support for the Palestinian people in their quest for justice and freedom.


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