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Shahada Hoodie - White

Shahada Hoodie - White

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Wrap yourself in warmth and modern style with our Shahada hoodie. Made with high quality fabrics, this garment not only provides you with comfort, but also carries with it a deep message. The Shahada, testimony of Islamic faith, is beautifully inscribed on this hoodie, reminding you of the importance of unity and devotion.


(To preserve respect and reverence for the name of Allah that may be printed on the hoodies, we kindly ask you to avoid wearing them in places that may be considered impure, such as bathrooms or other similar places. Clothing that contains the holy name deserves to be treated with appropriate dignity and consideration.)

100% cotton exterior
65% ringspun cotton, 35% polyester

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Your Purchase Helps Charity

Charity is a very important part of Bislamic, as we believe that there is Barakah (blessing) in giving, it is a fundamental part of Islamic identity. So every time you shop with us, a portion of each sale goes as Sadaqah. This not only helps those in need, but also allows us and our clients to purify our wealth.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: 'Charity in no way diminishes wealth. The servant who forgives, Allah ﷻ increases his respect; and he who shows humility, Allah ﷻ elevates him in the estimation (of the people).' -Sahih Muslim 2588

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The perfect fusion between fashion and meaning with our Shahada Hoodie. This garment not only offers exceptional comfort, but also carries with it a profound message of Islamic faith. The Shahada inscription on this hoodie is more than a design; It is a constant reminder of the importance of unity and devotion in daily life.


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